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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; There is a well-known Nike myth: in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike headquarters in the four-storey unseen pair of shoes, the staff busy doing only two things: a thing is to build a global marketing network, the other thing is to manage its worldwide company. Not a production equipment, Nike Corporation to create a worldwide empire. A pair of Nike shoes, producers can only get a few cents of revenue, by virtue of its global sales, Nike Corporation was able to get dozens or even hundreds of dollars in profits. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; but those Nike as enterprise outstanding cases of people may forget to follow suit, and in 1982, Nike had gone through a difficult phase, Adidas, Converse, Reebok and strong enemy waited for opportunities, sales have fallen sharply, in many people's eyes, Nike is a "setback, the internal morale of the second-rate manufacturing enterprises." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike's response is to decentralization, increased product variety, to promote the product line differentiation. From the original basketball shoes in recent years the main changes to the golf supplies series, and Tiger Woods as a spokesperson, while strengthening the promotion of soccer shoes to meet the football population increase. Soccer Sporting Goods Series is currently the turnover has been as high as $ 1 billion, a 25% share of the global market, but also up to 35% market share in the European market. Under the change management strategy, the company with a 18-month period the situation stabilized, from 1993 to 1997, Nike's sales were explosive growth, rising from $ 2,000,000,000 to $ 9,000,000,000. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In addition, and many businesses, Nike, accelerated expansion by acquiring other companies, following after 1988, Nike, Cole Haan, have been acquired, merged with skates in 1995 Manufacturer Bauer company, 2002 acquisition of skateboards and apparel manufacturer Hurley International companies, and acquired the sneaker maker Converse Inc. in 2004. Nike's strategy is to seek the acquisition of those products can complement each other, similar management style, as well as certain research and development capabilities of enterprises, and take advantage of the acquisition to suppress opponents. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike's business in the present structure, Cole Haan shoes have already achieved sales of approximately $ 300 million, and Nike was originally bought the company spent only $ 80 million ; The Converse company before being acquired, and its sales have been declining, but after the acquisition, but there was a 25% increase. Not only that, Cole Haan's Nike footwear products can be integrated into advanced shoe just technology, such as Bauer and Hurley International companies have their own R & D center, Nike introduced new products at the time, mostly with reference to their professional design advice, And just to make up for the Nike Converse canvas shoes in the field of white. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in the process of mergers and acquisitions, and Nike had also committed many mistakes: After the initial buy Cole Haan, Nike wishful thinking throughout his own in Cole Haan to, and follows extensive management model, resulting in the latter strong dissatisfaction, when the conflict intensified, Cole Haan Nike executives even demanded "Get out of the factory." After realizing his mistake after the Nike Group acquired companies adopt an open management style, and give it an independent rights. Nike company timely feedback to ensure the ability to regain market. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to construct as a business expansion mode and at the same time, Nike continues to transform the house, put a large shoe department is divided into several smaller departments, each A small department in charge of sports sneakers, speed up the product development process. The entire operation of chain enterprises, Nike also be adjusted, especially the inventory control system and overseas sales system. Nike require dealers to be 6-8 months in advance to book 80% of its total sales, so as to give a 10% discount. This makes the situation well aware of Nike can order and have enough time to arrange, to avoid excessive inventory, save the card to get a good ex- Cheap jordans online factory price. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In addition, Nike has taken in the production of a virtualization strategy, not all products manufactured by their own production, but all outsourced to other manufacturers processing. All personnel, material, financial and other resource companies together, concentrated into product design and marketing to go, to cultivate the company's product design and marketing capabilities. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The benefits of virtual enterprises is "with the greatest organization to achieve maximum power." An enterprise of their own limited resources, limited organizational structure, virtual enterprise to achieve a market strategy and composition, each member of which only acts as a part of the structure and function, through information networks, supporting production in accordance with the spatial distribution of virtual enterprise and complex logistical support, such as corporate structure and the establishment of traditional organizational structure compared to the cost advantage of a larger structure, greatly improving the competitiveness of enterprises. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; implement virtual production, Nike will design drawings to the manufacturer so that they strictly according to the drawing style of production, and later by Nike OEM, and products through the company's marketing network to sell out products. This model fully realize the complementary role. This strategy Nike's, saving a lot of productive investment and equipment acquisition cost, the outsourcing of production and processing of products for many enterprises in developing countries of Southeast Asia and other places, the use of cheap local labor, which greatly saves labor costs, This is also an important reason why Nike shoes at lower prices to compete with other brand-name products. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; of course, we need to see is that the management of virtual enterprises, many special factors: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; virtual enterprise from the traditional linear power system into a coordinated system of equality, from the traditional superior-subordinate relationship into an equal and harmonious relations. Virtual Enterprise Manager is no longer commands the publisher, but the coordinator of each other, virtual enterprises in order to play its advantages, must be knowledge management (KM), the excavation of the entire virtual enterprise and knowledge related to cooperation between the units, development, preservation, sharing, and other services, so that personal knowledge into organizational knowledge, to maximize integration of resources. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; at the same time, the negative impact of cultural conflicts on the virtual enterprise virtual enterprise globalization strategy will fail. Thus, the creation of cultural synergy is particularly important. Facing an uncertain, changing partners, how to avoid the lack of communication of the information, conduct cross-cultural background, cross-regional communication and the success of virtual enterprise will play a very key role.This is the classic Reebok regression source, GL 6000 to build this pair of running shoes to the British flag as the new color inspiration. From the Union Jack from blue, red, gray color, in a splicing layer presents and suede shoes, embroidered words as details of embellishment. Currently, the shoe can be purchased through the Inflammable and other designated stores, priced at about $110. source: Inflammableby the Yohji Yamamoto Y-3 the main reason there is a new action again recently, following the earlier Qasa High publish several new color, this time turn its popular shoes Retro Boost release with a difference "Roundel Blue" color. Black and white is the impression among the Y-3 series shoes hot hue, overwhelmed Retro Boost will be integrated into the blue and turned into shoes, coupled with white words and side stripes make modifications, still able to highlight the shoes unique fashion charm, and finally mounted on elastic and comfortable in the end constitute Boost. Currently, the shoes have been on sale in some online retailers, priced at $ 350, like a friend please all everyone knows, Howard has officially signed the domestic brands of PEAK. Which previously as Adidas a member of world of Warcraft, Adidas or to create the sixth generation of signature shoes, the release of is Christmas Edition, insole is also printed on the Howard wearing christmas hats a microcosm of logo, but is no longer the adidas spokesman, brand can also continue to sell with the spokesman for the logo of the product, and D Howard 6 will go from here? source: MR- floor flowAir Jordan 1 Retro Mid "Grape" tour map 2013-12-08 22:59:17 mention "Grape" I believe this color appears in the minds of my friends would be Putao Zi Air Jordan 5 is on behalf of the Air Jordan sneakers, and a pair of Air recently named "Grape" of Jordan 1 Retro Mid appear on the network, different styles of eight holes Air Jordan 1 wonder if you would not like it. & nbsp; Nike Kobe 9 Elite GS new color spy again out of this pair of new 2014-05-06 22:41:42 Kobe 9 Elite GS purple / green / orange color recently renewed outflow kind of spy photos, shoes purple As the shoe body, supplemented outsole green and orange decorative details, the shoe body with eye-catching golden Swoosh is also presented. Special totem pattern on the upper position is even more attractive and full of which makes the color more visual impact. Currently No details of which color. Nike Air Max Penny 1 "all-star" color commercial information 2014-10-03 14:06:06 as we reported earlier Hardaway wearing classic shoes Nike Air Max Penny 1 engraved message, the network recently released a pair of Hardaway participated in 96 All-Star game wearing the colors upcoming news, shoes section throughout the whole body of the shoe from black, blue as the details of strokes, silver swoosh slightly dim lighting uppers. It is reported that the shoe which is expected to be fully commercially available October 25, item number 685153-001, like a friend then you had better look at it. & nbsp; Reebok Kamikaze II Low new color commercial information 2014-07-09 11:30:51 & nbsp; as we reported a month ago a new color Reebok "Kamikaze" 2 Low and white with gray marble texture take black shoes, black and white classic colors formed in the bottom, so that the shoes look very sporty . We saw earlier, "Kamikaze" 2 Low, only primary colors and basic PE Thomas color. After the new color exposure, I think we can better meet the pursuit of Sneaker different colors, and now shoes can be purchased from foreign Web sites, is priced at: $ 99. & nbsp;with the glory of the glory, fashion brand HANON and Italy taste of the choice of Diadora cooperation, for the Aberdeen team (Su Chao team) the death of loyal fans brought a full of memories. The'83 Final B.Elite implies that the club's first European Cup --1983 years of the European Cup trophy. 1983, Ferguson led the group of heroes that won back the silver cup. Along the way they cut Bayern, Zhu Goteborg, the final in the final to beat Spanish giants Real Madrid and win. This cooperation is the series of second works, which is also the football world to learn from the model of fashion design --HANON and Diadora really through this cooperation to awaken people's memories. this pair of shoes is in Italy card Elano Sanmarco Diadora initial factory handmade and become, it details is the most worthy of attention. Final B.Elite's design inspiration comes from the heavy rain of the night in Goteborg, so the whole pair of shoes with a gray system, and with red and white details. This pair of shoes by the kangaroo leather and suede soft layer, and the overall effect and 2015 launched the series first is quite similar. This pair of shoes for the details of the focus is also reflected in the front speed of kangaroo leather shoes, leather shoes with a double layer of leather shoes and printed with a long hair. The shoe's tongue and shoe marks are printed on both sides of the trademark, and "keeps on burning" (burning) flame markers and letter "83" is printed on the heels on. The glorious history of the club has lit the fire of success, and this pair of shoes is the most. This shoe is limited on sale, and will be officially listed in February 20, 2016 local time. Each pair of shoes are a special version of the 83 box, dust bag and shoes second. Quite good. source: occasional footballRecently famous Berlin to join Asics shoes shop Overkill start a new joint planning, the selection's Asics Gel-Sight modeled choose to deep burgundy color tones, white and warm pink into the details, but most people feel refined is that touch of Morocco pattern, reflecting the strong retro flavor and nationality. It is reported that the shoes will be July 7 Overkill on sale first in the remainder will be available in designated shops later, a friend might like to focus next friends. "big clown" Dwight Howard although with good strength, but its nature as a child but also a lot of people feel he is not mature side. Yesterday he was again the weird, the whole shooting imitate James feat, let everyone curious whether or not the ball into, but his feet wearing a pair of Air Jordan 1, as adidas's ambassador, he did not know so the move will allow the brand to his dissatisfaction with it? Nike FC 2014 holiday series released 2014-10-17 16:05:07 In April this year, Nike launched a grand new branch Nike FC, the football into them life, and create a life of style. The series recently introduced a new product, and released a set of preview, and invited well-known German star Boateng, another Ghanaian star Boateng and a model, recently learned that the series will be specified in the global NSW shops purchase sale, like a friend to look at it. & nbsp; Inventory of the world's 20 largest fine shoes shop 2013-12-08 23:20:33 For some older and SNEAKER, we all still remember the first time these shoes appear only in the sporting goods store. But of course, they really are the product of the sporting goods industry. Perhaps the concept Hou made shoes boutiques would not say it was a joke. . . But now, all this has changed! You will not go to a traditional sporting goods store to buy these shoes, unless you are old school or just want to buy a pair of shoes for exercise. Shoes boutiques are now becoming increasingly popular, almost everywhere - because we all know in our nearby and often go, ha ha! Take the passport straight world best boutique shoe store is a lot we SNEAKER dream, now let us work together to inventory the world's 20 largest shoe boutique, even if not immediately personal pilgrimage, we at least through the network to CHECK IT OUT ! 20. Titolo Location: Bern, Switzerland Website: http: // Titolo it might be on the list of the most familiar name today, but if you do not have to pay attention to their online store, you might miss a lot of precious things. 19. Extra Butter Location: Rockville Centre, New York Website: http: // Despite Extra Buter has not yet introduced a number of heavyweight joint style, but the quality of their services and overflowing with the local culture or sneakers unforgettable. 18. Patta Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Website: http: // This is the best shoe shop in the Netherlands, mainly selling classic high-end running shoes (quite popular in Europe this), so the Air Jordan series, such as domestic berserk style but better buy. Although once briefly closed down, but the return to it shows more strength - and REEBOK and CONVERSE including the recent launch of the joint models. 17. Dahood Location: Hong Kong, China Website: http: // As a second-generation Sneaker Street in Hong Kong, DAHOOD with a different philosophy adhere to the continuation of the culture of Hong Kong and work shoes and be successful. Now they have to enter the mainland China market, and can bring more choice? 16. Bodega Location: Boston, United States Website: https: // This shoe store in Boston's most memorable is its interior design concept, you can not even imagine the original on the outside which is a shoe boutique that only "insiders" will know, and the latest and special The styles are sold. 15. Solebox Location: Berlin, Germany Website: http: // China SNEAKER to SOLEBOX most impressive perhaps holding SOLEBOX NEW BALANCE cooperation with paragraph Hoshino Aki, have the opportunity to go to Germany, then do not miss the chance of pilgrimage, this year will have been well-known German shoe store REEBOK and launch cooperation with SAUCONY style, very people look forward to! 14. Concepts Location: Boston, United States Website: http: // Everyone in Boston to tell you that this is a shoe you can not miss from the latest designer brands to sharp NIKE SB or VANS, CONCEPTS as we provide a choice is having a width and depth! 13. FILGHT CLUB Location: New York, United States Website: http: // You will experience their shop inside and was very shocked - large display area, the display style as much, it is not that everyone dreamed place? ! 12. SKIT (Kichijoji) Location: Tokyo, Japan Website: http: // SKIT feeling that Japan FLIGHTCLUB, but the price I think it provides more reasonable, and there are more classic old shoes, like me, poor elderly people really like! 11. FOOT PATROL Location: London, UK Website: http: // This is a long history of well-known shoe store, in the middle also experienced a storm closed shop, we come back and are thankful for it, really looking forward to it with the brand re-launch cooperation models - ADIDAS SUPERSTAR 35 years when cooperation money is a real classic. 10. Kith Location: New York, United States Website: http: // We often report Ronnie Fieg related design style, while Kith is closely related to his shop, here you will not find in other places limits ASICS running shoes, to New York that do not require hesitation, this shoe will not let you down! 9. Atmos Location: Tokyo, Japan Website: http: // In this house of Japan's top shoe you will not miss any limited basic styles, and more importantly, they NIKE launched every year with some great joint cooperation models. 8. MITA Location: Tokyo Website: http: // Japan is also famous shoe store, but with respect to the ATMOS, I think MITA more pure, to reach their shop when you might think: the original MITA is long so it ah? Yes, I think it should be a long way SNEAKER shop, in addition to shoes or shoes! 7. Colette Location: Paris, France Website: http: // Colette's status is not only a boutique shoe store, but this is definitely not hinder it in position in this list, which is a legendary store, one of the landmarks of Paris fashion, it provides including high-end fashions, including top shoes. 6. SIZE? Location: London, UK Website: http: // This is a very rapid rise in recent years, shoe boutiques, we have frequently reported some of their joint design, as to why the relatively high ranking - because I like its name, ha ha. . . 5. Packer Shoes Location: New Jersey, United States Website: http: // Packer Shoes in which one may be the oldest shoe boutique shops, and it has been advancing with the times, it is all-inclusive, it is that the US has an irreplaceable position. 4. Sneakersnstuff Location: Stockholm, Sweden Website: http: // Maybe everyone on this name is still a little strange, but it is more and more models of cooperation with the major brands will appear in our midst. Have to admire the Nordic design skill, SNS joint style never could disappoint - plain and amazing! 3. Undefeated Location: Los Angeles, United States Website: http: // We also remember the golden age of one pair of SB Undefeated SB (without public offering) How expensive? And Undefeated own namesake brand clothing is equally essential SNEAKER trend product. Recently, there is news that they want to enter the mainland China, let us together look forward to it! 2. JUICE Location: Shanghai, China Website: http: // Why JUICE forefront in the list of? ACU from the initial to the current JUICE, this trend led by the EDC shop accompanied us grow, it launched a joint models without exception are subject to our pursuit. It's all around us, it our influence is so big, it is a sign in Chinese SNEAKER culture worldwide. 1. It made everyone! This may be a lot missing on the list, as long as we feel good shoe is good shoe store, we have come to share with you now! (This article is only small series of personal opinion, in alphabetical order)